One of the most controversial personalities I’ve ever met in my life. It’s not just a history professor and an expert in the geopolitical developments in the Mediterranean and beyond! He is the one who proved Kissinger’s false lies. I love him, I admire him and I appreciate him for the courage and the audacity that he has against fear and life! Our karma wanted to drink cappuccino in an Italian pictorial café in Piccadilly Square. We talked in German as well as in English and Dutch as well as  in Spanish. Multilingual people belonge to another range! So let’s get to know him and as a personality we will definitely have him close to us because  he is on the top of my  list!  Ladies and gentlemen , Dr. WilliaMallinson Diplomatic Historian, critic of geopolitics and former diplomat, explain us his point of view as consider Macedonia !



Insalata Macedonia and the death of Vardarska



To paraphrase  Francesco Guicciardini’s belief, things have always been the same, the past sheds light on the future, and the same things return with different colours. This is particularly obvious in the case of the Balkans, with the main spotlight currently on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). Just as Yugoslavia itself was an artificial amalgam of contrasting peoples and ideas – held together, at least after the last world war, by romantic nationalism and the agreement of Britain and the Soviet Union that they would have equal influence – , so was the very insertion of the name ‘Macedonia’ into what should have been called ‘Vardarska’ contrived, not to reflect historical fact and reality, but rather to pay lip-service to fanatical nationalists.


After the fall of the Berlin Wall, NATO interference in the Balkans began to increase, aided and abetted initially by the Vatican, with its premature recognition of Croatia. Jumping ahead now to FYROM, we see NATO interference par excellence, since the agenda of the military-industrial-congressional complex is to challenge Russia and sell weapons. FYROM is nothing more than a pseudo-state, with the wrong name, and a suspect language. Its two main groups are Bulgarised Serbs and an almost one third minority of Albanians, many of whom  would like to join Albania. The claim that these people are descended from the ancient Greeks of Macedonia is farcical, since the Slavs arrived fifteen hundred years after the Greek-speaking Macedonians, who had arrived at the tail-end of the Dorians. As regards the artificial attempt to create a ‘Macedonian’ language (which was simply the Greek spoken and written in old Macedonia), a British Special Operations officer wrote in 1944 that the language was corrupt and debased, without a literature or a fixed grammar.[1] Nevertheless, a poet, Blaze Konevski tried to codify and standardise ‘Macedonian’ in the late Fifties, and in 1961, even a dictionary was published. However, his ‘new’ language was essentially a form of Serbian. The bastardised form of Slavonic used in FYROM has nothing to do with pre-Slav Macedonia.


In short, FYROM is an aberration of a state, beset by fear and insecurity, without a consistent ethno-linguistic tradition, that needs to try and acquire and lie about the identity of a larger neighbour. It is simply a pawn of NATO.


Unfortunately, Greece under Tsipras is also a pawn of NATO. It has been rumoured that Tsipras has even, on US instructions, asked the Patriarch of Constantinople to recognise a Macedonian Church. This is all part of the US and Germany’s ‘divide and rule’ strategy. He Patriarch is also known for helping the US. He even accepted an honorary doctorate from the American College of Greece!


The devil lies in the detail: the so-called Prespes agreement is riddled with vagueness, particularly about the interpretation of the terms ‘citizenship’, ‘nationality’ and ‘ethnicity’, which bodes ill, should the Greek Parliament accept the name change. But NATO and Tsipras could not give the flick of a dying lizard’s eyelid about veracity and stability, only for FYROM’s putative NATO membership. It is hardly surprising that President Putin is visiting Belgrade. The timing is significant.




Professor William Mallinson


Professor of Political Ideas and Institutions


Guglielmo Marconi University


[1] (Secret) Report on the Free Macedonia Movement, BNA-FO 371/43649, file R232039/1009/67.

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